DSI is short for Dental-Schmuck-Industrie (Dental, Jewelry, Industry) and is the trademark brand for DSI licensed companies around the world which specializes in laser welding repairs for the molds and dies industry. DSI Laser Service Gmbh was established in 1997 by Mr. Christian Frank who had vast experience in this field which is now shared within the DSI Laser Group. DSI Laser's largest facilities are located in Germany, Japan and Thailand where demand for its services is the highest.


DSI Laser Service GmbH is the license holder and headquarters of all DSI Laser companies worldwide. DSI Laser Service Gmbh holds the highest level of expertise in the manual laser deposit welding of molds and dies for the manufacturing industry. In this field DSI was the pioneer and continues to lead the industry with its just-in-time service and problem solving techniques. DSI has a great reputation in the German automotive industry (BMW, VW, Audi and Daimler) for providing excellent quality services.
The development of supporting equipment to further enhance efficiency of work along with improvement towards higher quality welding materials is continuously conducted at DSI Laser Germany.
Here, advanced laser welding techniques are taught, practiced and perfected to ensure the highest efficiency and effectiveness of its laser welding services.


DSI activity in Indonesia began in May 2004 through partnership involving Mr. Frank and Mr. Tsamanov and was cemented with the establishment of PT. DSI Laser Internasional Indonesia. DSI Laser Internasional Indonesia is the license holder of all DSI Laser activities in Indonesia.
In a short time DSI Indonesia gained vast amount of expertise in delivering innovative solutions with creative and often complex laser welding techniques.
DSI Indonesia has a great reputation in the Indonesian Industry for delivering excellent repair and maintenance services. It is continuously supporting its partners in minimizing repair complications while optimizing its clients' opportunities to grow and take risks.
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