Highly advanced skills training is conducted in Germany by Mr. Christian Frank to ensure that DSI Laser welders are qualified to conduct complex laser welding techniques. The advance skill training is further supported by deep understanding of materials and welding analysis that is conducted in DSI Laser Germany. This knowledge is fundamental in determining effective laser welding parameters and procedures and is the key towards successfully performing laser welding repairs on various challenging materials and situations.

DSI Laser also has a continuous collective knowledge sharing network throughout various countries in the world where DSI Laser is present. This network is in continuous contact and is able to collaborate to develop unique repair and welding techniques.

The DSI Advantage is the combination of experience, material selection, skills, knowledge and network that is found within the DSI Laser Group and is what we define as the DSI LASER KNOW-HOW.


DSI Laser Indonesia is dedicated to bringing creative solutions and excellent results to our clients' repair challenges. We offer a combination of high technology and DSI Laser KNOW HOW in order to meet the critical repair requirements of our clients.
Excellent results, quick response and swift delivery are what our clients can expect from us.
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